Burial Services

Burial Options

At Reese Funeral Professionals, we offer a variety of burial and entombment services that can easily be personalized. As you consider options, keep in mind that a burial is typically combined with a funeral service, which may include a private or public viewing. The funeral service is held in a church or at a funeral home, and is followed by burial or entombment of the casketed remains.

Casket and Vault Options

Cost aside, the type of casket you select comes down to personal preference. With fine hardwoods, you have the option of walnut, cherry, maple, oak, pine and other wood species. Metal caskets come in varying thicknesses and a variety of finishes. We’d like you to turn to us for assistance, and are happy to guide you in the selection.

Funeral Celebrant

At Reese Funeral Professionals, we work with you to create a meaningful service, whether spiritual, religious or secular in nature, that respects your family’s beliefs. And you are always welcome to ask your own minister, priest, rabbi or other certified celebrant to conduct the ceremony.

Graveside Service

If your family wishes to witness the act of burial and pay final their respects graveside, we are happy to help plan the service. For simple services, that may include selection of featured readings, songs and activities. On the more elaborate end of the scale, that may include us escorting your family to and from the service, organizing a dove release, or transporting you via a glass carriage.

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