Memorial Services

Memorial Options

We enjoy helping families plan a celebration-of-life for your loved one. There is no blueprint to follow, which gives you a lot of freedom to create an event that speaks to his or her unique life, talents, favorite things and characteristics. Bring those to light with live music and food, include photos of favorite vacations and collections, and the event is sure to lift everyone’s spirits by focusing on positive memories.

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Cremation options

Cremation Options

Cremation can involve a variety of unique services, and we help you arrange any type to be held before or after the process of cremation. Our respectful staff will take care of all the details throughout the process, including prompt filing of required permits to ensure acceptance by local and state agencies and to guarantee your loved one’s cremation will not be delayed. We notify you as soon as his or her ashes become available, and safeguard the urn until you are ready to receive.

Cremation and Funeral Service

The cremation is carried out at the Reese Funeral Professional’s crematory (do you operate your own crematory?). A specially-selected cremation casket is required. Visitation can take place prior to the funeral service. Once the cremation has occurred, the remains are returned to your family, and you can decide to scatter, bury, or retain the cremated remains.

Direct Cremation

This is a simple service that involves transferring the body of your loved one straight to the Reese Funeral Professional’s crematory. There is no embalming, viewing or visitation, but you can hold a memorial service at a later date if you wish.
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